In sentencing Gordon Brown to five years in prison,

Judge Nic Hannah stated in the Namibian High Court:

“The mainstay of the prosecution case was Mr JE Dawid who in April 1993 was a sergeant in the Diamond Branch of the Namibian Police …. He has since left the police and is now employed as an assistant security officer by CDM (Pty) Ltd …

“… having considered the evidence as a whole I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the trap was conducted substantially on the lines described by Dawid …”

The authors of this pamphlet are now in possession of the sworn confession of Joseph Eben Dawid given on oath in Windhoek before a lawyer and commissioner of oaths.

In this Dawid admits that he committed perjury and worked with others in the Diamond and Gold Branch of the Police and the Anglo American-De Beers CDM security division to frame Gordon Brown.

In the sworn statement he states unequivocally:

“I regret that van Zyl and Brown were convicted in the High Court of Namibia on the basis of our untruthful evidence.”

Signed, Joseph Eben Dawid.